When will I receive the ticket revenue from my event?


This depends on what payment method you select when creating your first event.

We have two simple payment methods

1. Receive payments via Stripe - real time payments as your tickets sell into your Stripe account.

2. Receive payments via Bank Transfer - we transfer your funds the first working day after you event has ended.        

If you choose to be paid by Stripe then you will be guided to connect / set up a Stripe account when creating your event. This is a really easy and hassle free process. Once your account has been set up and connected with the uTicket platform then your ticket revenue will automatically be transferred into your Stripe account as tickets are sold.

If you choose to be paid by Bank Transfer then we will pay the full amount of your ticket revenue into your € / £ bank account the first working day after your event has ended. Please note that transfers may take 3 - 5 days to land in your account depending on your bank.

You can change how you receive payments at any time in the Receive payments via section in your Profile, in the top right corner of the screen, once you are logged in.


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