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Easily sell tickets, collect payments and track attendance for your event—all online. It's free and easy to get started.


Let uTicket help you sell tickets online


We all know how difficult it can be to sell tickets for gigs or sporting events, and sometimes you just cannot sell enough to make your event viable.


Online ticket sites allow ardent fans to purchase tickets from responsible sellers, who will commit to delivering tickets to your customers on time


uTicket is a new and refreshing site that allows you to sell your event tickets online. It provides a great alternative option to solely selling through your own promotions. You can create your event in minutes and start selling tickets online straight away!


You will also have the opportunity to directly make your tickets visible to your target demographic, which will save you time and funds.


Don’t lose out when you put on a gig


In the past, You may have sold your tickets through other antiquated ticket sales merchants that take a long time to get your tickets on sale or charge ridiculous fees. You may have struggled to sell tickets online as you are used to selling them through word of mouth and retail shops, rather than online marketing.


This is why your best option is to forget about spending lots of money on offline advertising and invest wisely with a well-known ticketing site that has experience selling all types of event tickets online.


Now, you do not have to lose money when you put on an event, as uTicket will help you fill your venue by promoting your event with you every step of the way.


Sell tickets online with no fuss


It can be difficult to sell tickets online with some sites having lengthy forms to fill in, making you jump through hoops before you can sell tickets for your event, but with uTicket, the process is very simple.


Simply click on Create Event and follow the simple steps to get your event and tickets on sale in minutes. Or you can let us know all about your event and the ticket details (time, price, location, etc) that you want to sell online and we will set up your event and list them for you.


We will display your tickets in a way that attracts guests to your event and will also work to promote your event on our social media accounts.


No Annual Fees or Subscriptions


If you want to sell tickets online for your event, uTicket will simply act on your behalf by listing your tickets. There is no charge for creating an event and selling tickets with us or any monthly  / annual subscriptions to pay. You can sell all or some of your ticket with us.


With uTicket, you can look forward to the following:


Easy sign-up

Easy event and ticket listings

Simple checkout system for ticket buyers

Fast payments to you

Confidence that your tickets are going to true fans


We are always on the lookout for tickets to all sorts of events, including sporting events, whether it be a boxing match at one of Ireland’s premier venues or a summer festival, so you can be sure that we want to help you sell your tickets.


There is a small fee for selling tickets that are not free, but we are always upfront about how much we charge and we take pride in our transparency. This fee can be passed on to the buyer or absorbed by you. See pricing for more details.


If you have not had the best experience when dealing with other online ticket sites, you can rest assured that we are always professional and pride ourselves on the excellent service that we provide.


Whether you have 1000 tickets to sell or just one, for a no-fuss way of selling your tickets online, fill in our easy online Create Event form today.




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