I'm having trouble purchasing a ticket. What should I do?


It is really easy to purchase a ticket on uTicket.

1. Locate the event you want to attend from the home page by searching in the search bar or clicking on the event image or event name.

2. Once you have clicked on your event you will be directed to the event page. The tickets section is on the top of the page to the right of the event image.        

3. Select the ticket type and number of tickets you require. Tick the age restriction check box and click book now.

4. You will be directed to the check out page where you can fill in your contact details and credit card information. If you are a new user click on New User and fill in your details. An account will then be created for you. If you already have an account click Registered User and log in. Tick the Terms & Conditions check box and confirm booking.

5. If your payment is successful you will be directed to the Success! screen and you will receive an email with your tickets and receipt attached. If your payment fails you will be notified. Please note there are multiple reasons why a payment can fail and they are not always clear so it may be hard for us to identify what the problem is. It is usually something to do with your card or the details you have entered.


Still having trouble? Contact us or click the HELP? icon in the bottom right corner of the page to talk via instant chat.


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