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uTicket is free to use for all organisers. We do not charge any set fees or subscriptions.

Users are charged a booking fee per ticket and that's it!


Free for free events

It is completely free to organise and promote your free events on our platform.

Easily manage registrations for parties, classes, meet ups, networking events, charity events, tours and more.


Pass fees on or absorb them in your ticket price

You can pass fees on to buyers or absorb them in your ticket price

For paid events we charge one simple fee that includes all transaction, processing and service fees

5% + 69c per ticket

(Displayed fees exclude applicable VAT)


Receive secure payments in Euro and Sterling

Sell tickets using € / £ and receive payments securely for your event in that currency.





We offer two easy payment options

1. Receive payments via Stripe (As tickets are sold in real time)

2. Receive payments via Bank Transfer (First working day after your event)

If you choose to be paid by Stripe then you will be guided to connect / set up a Stripe account when creating your event. This is a really easy and hassle free process. Once your account has been set up and connected with the uTicket platform  then your ticket revenue will automatically be transferred into your Stripe account as tickets are sold.

If you choose to be paid by Bank Transfer then we will pay the full amount of your ticket revenue into your € / £ bank account the first working day after your event has ended once we have your sales invoice, which is generated automatically as soon as ou click End Sales on your event.



So, what are you waiting for? Create an event now!

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