How do I check in attendees at my event?


You'll need your Attendee List for that!

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click on Events in the left hand menu (this menu may be hidden but you can toggle it on and off by clicking on the hamburger icon to the left of the uTicket logo in the top bar)

Here you will see all the events you have created on uTicket. 

3. Click the Actions button in the last column at the right of the event you want the attendee list for.

4. Click Download Attendees > option to select the information you want displayed in the list and order the list alphabetically by surname pops up.

5. When your download completes you will have a nice neat Exel sheet with just the information you need and in the order you need it.

Please make sure that, if you have more than one ticket on sale for an event, the sales for the ticket you select have actually ended or you may miss guests who book later.

Our mobile app is currently in development and our ticket scanning feature will make check ins even easier. Release date scheduled for late Spring.

Yay for self improvement!


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