Post Punk Podge / Acid Granny / Jar Jar Jr. / Junk Drawer // QBP 2020

Quarter Block Party presents

Post Punk Podge, Acid Granny, Junk Drawer & Jar Jar Jr.
Saturday 8th February, 8.30pm

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Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies

Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies is a figment of punk and the post's collective imagination in the form of a singer/rapper/musician from Limerick, Ireland. An accomplished violinist, Podge’s goal is to turn the brown envelope from a symbol of corruption, deception and greed into one of self-expression, defiance and laughter. Accompanied by his sidekicks Dr. Asparagus Montague, Mr. Cash 4 Gold and DJ Jurassic Park 2, they are stirring things up in their native Ireland with their own sound, a blend of punk, electronic, krautrock, techno, irish traditional music, hip hop and classical. October 2017 saw Podge collaborate on the Stark Raving EP with NaIve Ted, as well as release the debut Post Punk Podge and The Technohippies EP Kick Against The Pricks, a month later. 2018 saw even further collaborations with Jimmy Penguin on his Savages EP, as well aswell as single ‘Home is Where the Heart Bleeds’, which raised money for the Novas homeless charity in Limerick. 2019 has seen a single 'Government Security' in January, 'Post Millennium Tension EP' in February. Collaborations with Craic Boi Mental and Gavin DaVinci in March and April. Followed by collabs with Messyng, a summer single Heavenly Tones and more recently an instrumental mixtape and more collabs with DJ Bleak Stack and Liv 3 have been dropped and an album is in the works there is a lot to sink your teeth into.

Things are only getting started for Podge and the band. These highly acclaimed releases have helped them build a firm following and become one of Ireland’s most exciting bands. This is also due in no small part due to their live shows, a full-on high-energy assault on the senses. Armed with his violin, an array of effects pedals and a microphone Podge stalks the stage with all the menace of Johnny Rotten, accompanied by Dr Asparagus Montague on production duties, Mr. Cash 4 Gold on guitar and DJ Jurassic Park 2 on backing Vocals, laptop and controller. Having left a trail of money, degrees and chaotic noise wherever they have played in the summer of 2019 including shows at Glastonbury, Body & Soul, Electric Picnic and Knockanstockan festivals, Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies enjoy subverting genres and fusing comedic elements with a serious social conscience and message of defiance against injustices in the world. Lyrically Podge tackles issues such as depression and anxiety, as well as the current state of affairs in Ireland and the wider world, all intertwined with his trademark wit. They are too fat for pigeonholes and revel in their unique freedom of expression through the medium of post punk and everything in between.

Soft Focus
Soft Focus are a group from Cork playing a mix of drone and krautrock informed equally by psychedelia and experimental minimalism. 

Spearheaded by the writing partnership of Jack Horgan and Mark Waldron-Hyden (The Sunshine Factory, Sunshine Cult Records), and also consisting of Cork alumni Elaine Malone (Mantua, Land Crabs), Ruairi Dale (Elastic Sleep), Jack Corrigan (Actualacid) and Ciaran Corcoran (Mikron, Perish) they are currently preparing to enter the studio to record their debut to be released in 2020.

Junk Drawer
Incorporating the imprint of Krautrock, post-punk, and psychedelia, Belfast's Junk Drawer's intuitively loose and idiosyncratic brand of indie rock mines anthems from their crate-digging tendencies. Featuring four multi-instrumentalists & vocalists fluid in their roles, they're driven by the inevitable harmony and discordance that comes from the sibling creative rivalry at the helm.

Junk Drawer have been played by the likes of BBC Radio 1, 6Music & Ulster, RTÉ 2fm, 98fm and featured in CLASH Magazine, Nialler9, Hot Press, Irish News & Irish Times, amongst others. have supported acts like Built To Spill, Mclusky & Jeffrey Lewis. Following the self-released 'Their Self-Loathing Debut' and 'For The Cult Fat Guy' EPs, the band spearheaded the grassroots Irish music community with their part in DIY vinyl compilation A Litany of Failures.


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Our team will be happy to help participants contact venue security or local law enforcement, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the event. 



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February 8, 9:00pm


Quarter Block Party


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