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Since 2012, Percolator have been carefully honing their craft to become one of Ireland’s most consistently arresting experimental bands, defying expectation at every turn. Masterfully navigating the spaces between subgenres, the trio’s drone-laced, hypnotic motorik rhythms are offset by spontaneous, yet intuitive curveballs, elevated by their Stereolab-recalling vocal harmonies and the miasmic ecstasy of shoegaze.

Far more than the sum of their parts, Percolator functions as a petri dish-like environment for sonic exploration. Drummer Eleanor Myler - one of Ireland’s most idiosyncratic drummers - slaloms between the NEU!-esque groove of bassist & synth player John ‘Spud’ Murphy, and the textural mastery of guitarist Ian Chestnutt. In Murphy & Chestnutt, the trio comprises not just highly respected studio & live engineers, but students of electronics, driving forward the band’s ever-evolving sense of interplay, exploration and discovery.

The band has earned its stature as one of the most malleable, yet razor-sharp live units in Ireland, having extensively toured as far as France, while their 2017 debut album, Sestra, won much critical acclaim, and The Thin Air’s runaway Album of the Year. Percolator’s second LP is set for release in 2020.



“More than delivering on expectations, their new single leans further into the slaloming, hypnosis-inducing rhythmic interplay that made their debut album such an exciting proposition. The most exciting Irish act since Girl Band.” - The Thin Air on ‘Freshin’

A staggering collection of eight tracks packaged as ‘Sestra’, electronically charged experimental standards drenched in poly-rhythmic krautrock connotations underscored with subtle flourishes of shoegaze, prog rock & resonating noise” - Primal Music

“Sestra is a gripping, intriguing, original and paradoxical album. What blows here is the perfume of total freedom as a metaphor for the world that is our today as magnificently sublime as it is it may be horribly devastated.- Burn Your Life (France)



Crab Supernova



Freshin EP                          

Debut Album Sestra

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No Spill Blood:

Irish synth-metal trio No Spill Blood formed in early 2011 as a side project between various players in the area's experimental rock scene. Formed by Hands Up Who Wants to Die member Matt Hedigan on bass and vocals, drummer Larry Kaye from Adebisi Shank, and Magic Pockets synth player Ruadhan O'Meara, the project formed from a series of low-key jams, the players taking inspiration from electro-punk groundbreakers like Killing Joke and Six Finger Satellite, as well as metal acts like the Melvins.

They took their name from a passage of H.G. Wells' book The Island of Dr. Moreau, not coincidentally the same place Devo cribbed their band name from decades earlier. The band became more and more official as the musicians worked on No Spill Blood in tandem with their other projects. In 2012 they released their apocalyptic debut album Street Meat on the Sargent House label.

Eventually, Kaye was replaced by drummer Ror Conaty, though he worked as the studio drummer while the band wrote and recorded their 2015 follow-up album Heavy Electricity, also released by Sargent House, in the early spring of that year.






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February 22, 9:00pm




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