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Katie Kim + In The Willows

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St Patrick's Gateway Patrick Street Waterford City Co. Waterford
Date and Time
  • February 3, 8:00pm

Katie Kim and In The Willows

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Katie Kim, the pseudonym of Waterford singer Katie Sullivan, is a performer of slowcore, ethereal, ambient folk/pop.

Salt, Katie’ s third album, is a departure from previous albums and delves further into the drone side with textured production added by producer John “Spud” Murphy, who is central to the album’s sonic feel. Salt, in many ways, is a musical evolution of Cover and Flood and comes four years after that album’s release. In the meantime Katie, who is now based in Dublin, has toured the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium playing sold out venues throughout.

The return of Katie Kim is a triumph.” The Last Mixed Tape


In The Willows formed in late 2011 as an acoustic trio, and have since grown and have established themselves as one of the best folk acts in the country. In The Willows have released numerous records such as their debut EP 'Vantage Point' which was a precursor to their debut album 'Before Everybody Disappears' released in September 2013. The sound created by In The Willows, sees the group blurring the lines between folk, alternative, pop and rock to create their own heart-warming and aurally fulfilling sound.



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St Patrick's Gateway Patrick Street Waterford City

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