It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village

May 8th - 10th 2020

Trabolgan Holiday Village, Cork

Check in from 15:00 on Friday 8th May 2020

Check out at 10:00 on Monday 11th May 2020

*Strictly Over 21's Only*


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It Takes A Village returns for its third outing at Trabolgan Holiday Village, Cork, from 8th - 10th May 2020. A unique and fun-filled weekend of music, house parties, chilling by the pool and getting to know your neighbours, on the stunning south coast of Ireland. 

This is the festival where you ditch the tents and leave the camping to the kids! It Takes A Village is a weekend for the more discerning festival goer... If you’re looking for an unreal party with a bit more comfort and convenience, then ITAV is the festival for you. The only festival in Ireland where the entire festival community checks in to self-catering houses on the festival grounds. Fill up your fridge, and enjoy a nice bath after a night on the tiles before tucking yourself into a cosy bed.

150 houses // 35 camper van sites // 121 acre site on the East Cork coast / 3 main stages // Pop up gigs // Swimming pool // 5 a side soccer // Par 3 golf course // Go karts // Arcade // Pool parties // Bowling // Zip line // Secret stuff + WAY MORE!!

Weekend festival tickets include 3 nights accommodation + private parking


It Takes A Village has changed the concept of an Irish festival. It’s put a roof over its head, made its bed and popped the kettle on!

Tier 1 tickets are on sale now from €154 - €229 per person. With weekend booking options for 2-9 people. The ticket price includes 3 nights accommodation in a self-catering house + festival tickets + private parking.

ITAV is unique in that we offer 150 self-catering houses, plus 35 fully-serviced camper van sites, contained in Trabolgan Holiday Village. There is no camping in muddy fields here, your booking includes accommodation and unlimited access to the huge variety of entertainment. It’s a residents only affair for the festival weekend, with a limited amount of day tickets on Sunday.



For full accommodation details per house type please see

Price includes 3 nights accommodation + festival tickets + private parking (except camper / caravan pitches - vans not included)


By continuing with your booking you are agreeing to Trabolgan Holiday Village's terms & conditions


Ticket Prices **All prices exclude applicable booking fees & vans / caravans are not included in the campervan pitches**




Early Bird Tickets - On sale May 30th - September 30th 2019 - sold out


Tier 1 Tickets - On sale September 30th 2019 - February 28th 2020 or until sold out

- Camper / caravan pitch - Max 2 people: €154 per person (€308 in total)

- Camper / caravan pitch - Max 3 people: €154 per person (€462 in total)

- Camper / caravan pitch - Max 4 people: €154 per person (€616 in total)

- 2 person house: €229 per person (€458 per house) - sold out

- 3 person house: €229 per person (€687 per house) - sold out

- 5 person house: €229 per person (€1145 per house)

- 6 person house: €229 per person (€1374 per house)

- 7 person house: €229 per person (€1603 per house)

- 8 person house: €229 per person (€1832 per house) - sold out

- 9 person house: €229 per person (€2061 per house)


Tier 2 Tickets - On sale February 28th - May 8th 2020 or until sold out

- Camper / caravan pitch - Max 2 people: €174 per person (€348 in total)

- Camper / caravan pitch - Max 3 people: €174 per person (€522 in total)

- Camper / caravan pitch - Max 4 people: €174 per person (€696 in total)

- 2 person house: €249 per person (€498 per house)

- 3 person house: €249 per person (€747 per house)

- 5 person house: €249 per person (€1245 per house)

- 6 person house: €249 per person (€1494 per house)

- 7 person house: €249 per person (€1743 per house)

- 8 person house: €249 per person (€1992 per house)

- 9 person house: €249 per person (€2241 per house)


Please note that all deposits / payments are non refundable

If you cannot make your next installment then your tickets will be canceled and released back into circulation without a refund


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Our village will feature three main venues, as well as a multitude of pop-up stages all over the 120 acre site. The swimming pool, with its wavemaker, slide, hot tub, and balmy conditions will host some steamy tropical party tunes from supreme DJs on Saturday and Sunday mornings, with some amazing aquatic audio and synchronized sounds. All leisure activities at Trabolgan like go-karting, archery, 5-a-side soccer, zip line, climbing walls, crazy golf, and par 3 golf, will operate during the daytime over the weekend. If that isn’t enough, the festival will also host some talks and walks around the Roches Point and Trabolgan area for those interested in a bit of history and a stroll.

How does it work? 

We have booking options for 2 people to 9 people. Your house or camper van site includes your weekend festival ticket. You must book one of the 3 - 9 sleeper houses or one of the camper / caravan pitches. There is no camping, there are no weekend tickets without accommodation. It is a residents only affair which allows us to avail of various residents perks on site.

Much the same as booking a holiday home or an AirBnb for a weekend away, one person books the accommodation and they are the lead contact for your booking.

Your booking includes 3 nights accommodation and weekend festival tickets.

So get your crew together, pick your accommodation type and book!

What to expect:

Big sound, killer lighting and top live performances. Wordsmiths, MC’s, raconteurs and poets will be dropping rhymes and reason; art installations will be popping up, down, and around, the wooded valley on site; great food will be brought to you by some savage stalls and food trucks from only the finest local producers in the rebel county. It Takes A Village will be a home away from home with a musical soundtrack covering a broad palette of tastes, styles and rhythms. It’s a place to meet and make new friends whilst having modern conveniences, comfort and never being more than two minutes walk from your new home!

Please read below before getting in touch with any queries..


Where is Trabolgan?

Situated right on the coast and around the corner from Roches Point in the village of White Gate, East Cork. 30 minutes from Cork / 50 minutes from Waterford  / 3 hours from Dublin.

Can I buy a weekend ticket without accommodation?

Unfortunately not. This is a residents only, self catering event. That means you can bring your own food and drink with you for the weekend but just like other festivals you can't bring your own into the main area.

You must book a house or camper van site (van not included / BYOV) or Sunday day ticket to attend.

Your weekend ticket and booking fees are included in the price of your accommodation, as is access to the swimming pool, pool parties and most of the activities on site. There are some things that Trabolgan run themselves which will be extra but any of the organised festival activities are included.

Are camper vans included with the camper / caravan pitches?

No, vans are not included. These are fully serviced camper van pitches with electricity, water and shower blocks next to them. But it is BYOV!

I'm booking the accommodation but what about my friends who are staying with me?

Much the same as if you were booking an Airbnb or hotel, there is one person who is the lead contact that books the accommodation. You're splitting the cost between your group. We'll be in touch with you after booking with more info and to get details about your party.

How do we get there?

By car / van / bike / car pool and there will be a bus running on Sunday from Cork city.

What can I bring?

What ever you need for the weekend. It's self catering so you can bring food and drink.

I booked a house but now I have more friends that want to join, can I swap tickets?

If you are increasing your numbers and the other booking option you want is still on sale then yes. You can do this is if you contact us via the contact form above. You will then have to book the larger house before we can refund your other order. However, if people can't make it or you want to downsize then unfortunately this is not possible.


Trabolgan Holiday Village

Whitegate Midleton Cork

Age restriction



May 8, 3:00pm - May 11, 2:30am


It Takes A Village


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Trabolgan Holiday Village Whitegate Midleton Cork

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from €10.00
per person

Price breakdown

Sunday Day Ticket
Day ticket only
11am Bus from Cork to Trablogan
Sunday only - One way
2pm Bus from Cork to Trabolgan
Sunday only - One way
11pm Bus from Trabolgan to Cork
Sunday only - One way
3am Bus from Trabolgan to Cork
Sunday only - One way
Camper / caravan pitch - Tier 2
€174 per person
Max 2 people
€178.46 pp
€356.92 total
Camper / caravan pitch - Tier 2
€174 per person
Max 3 people
€178.40 pp
€535.21 total
Camper / caravan pitch - Tier 2
€174 per person
Max 4 people
€178.37 pp
€713.49 total
2 person house - Tier 2
€249 per person
Max 2 people
€255.31 pp
€510.61 total
3 person house - Tier 2
€249 per person
Max 3 people
€255.25 pp
€765.74 total
4 person house - Tier 2
€249 per person
Max 4 people
€255.22 pp
€1,020.87 total
5 person house - Tier 2
€249 per person
Max 5 people
€255.20 pp
€1,275.99 total
6 person house - Tier 2
€249 per person
Max 6 people
€255.19 pp
€1,531.12 total
7 person house - Tier 2
€249 per person
Max 7 people
€255.18 pp
€1,786.24 total
8 person house - Tier 2
€249 per person
Max 8 people
€255.17 pp
€2,041.37 total
9 person house - Tier 2
Max 9 people
€255.17 pp
€2,296.49 total

From €10.00 per ticket