Dani Larkin Live at Connolly's of Leap

Hailing from the Monaghan-Armagh border, Dani Larkin is a singer-songwriter and folk musician who is
already being heralded as one of Ireland’s finest songwriters. Larkin has been creating music for

several years, and is a well known face on the live circuit in Ireland.

In 2019 she was artist-in-residence at Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival and has performed at
Ireland Music Week, Other Voices (Ballina and Belfast), Output and Sound of Belfast. On the live
circuit she has supported Rufus Wainwright, Joshua Burnside and Lisa O’Neill whose “honest, truthful
storytelling style” she greatly admires. Following in the footsteps of these artists, she is a must-listen for

those interested in contemporary folk music.

2020 has been an incredibly successful year despite restrictions to live performance which has formed a
core part of her career. Instead Dani Larkin focused on recording and mastering her debut album, and as
part of the process introduced a rebrand from DANI to Dani Larkin which has proved successful in
developing her audience. In addition to performances at key industry events, Dani Larkin signed a
management deal with Jawdropper MGMT in October 2020 and a subsequent worldwide sync deal with

Plutonic Group Syncs in November 2020.

A storyteller by nature, her music is inspired by the folktales she was raised with, intertwined with
elements of traditional melodies and rhythms from around the world in a timeless tradition.She is a

seasoned performer who is impossible to ignore once taken to the stage.


Connolly's of Leap

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December 4, 7:00pm

Samuel McNicholl

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Connolly's of Leap main street leap Leap Leap

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From €11.25 per ticket