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plugd records

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plugd the roundy 1 castle st cork city Co. Cork
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  • February 22, 8:30pm

Teletext Records and Plugd are excited to welcome Blue Whale to Cork, with the welcome return of the Great balloon race on support

Blue Whale

Blue Whale are a jazz punk quartet from Belfast, Ireland. Their aim has always been to veer away from the trappings of the traditional guitar-centric four-piece and in doing this have experimented heavily with unconventional scales and time signatures. Their cadenced, angular and atonal compositions tread fine lines between dance and discord, chaos and intricacy, with the resultant aural tension unique in its capacity to simultaneously provoke mental confusion and physical movement. Their sound has been compared to the likes of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, Television, Swans, Sonic Youth and Slint.

The band has played numerous shows around Ireland, with recent highlights including the launch of Moving On Music’s Brilliant Corners Jazz Festival and a fully improvised set with Krautrock legend Damo Suzuki (CAN).

Their highly anticipated debut album Process reins the satiating havoc of their live show into a slightly more ordered studio format. 

"Musicians who push the limits with their art" – The Quietus

“Irish album of the year” – The Thin Air

“The mathy, jazz-flecked brew hurtles through a thorny tunnel of riffs and percussive flailing - it should be utter chaos, but Blue Whale make it honeyed.” – The Line of Best Fit

"I really like Blue Whale... they kind of remind me of Albert Ayler playing with a bunch of kids that grew up on Steve Albini records." - Andy Cairns, Therapy?
“Disipline-era King Crimson on speed, punctuated by explosions of punkish anarchy.  Potent stuff.” – All About Jazz

The Great Balloon Race

“Eerie keyboard swells, and odd-yet-catchy vocal melodies that sound as though these musicians are 
very familiar with the more outrageous Real Book Standards” 
bananastatic . com 

“A spoonful of gypsy folk, a dash of pyschadelia and a nice big dollop of jazz” 
connector . tv


General Adm
plugd the roundy 1 castle st cork city

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