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Organising their summer party – Scs

Scs chose UTicket to run their summer party involving hiking in Wicklow followed by an outdoor summer themed party in Dublin City


We received their brief and worked with their HR department on choosing a suitable event, based on their employee requirements.

Ticketing and admission

Ensuring security was one of Scs’s main requirements, and this is where we at UTicket could offer our expertise. We provided digital tickets for employees that they could use when they reached the hiking venue and city centre event space.


We worked with transport companies to find suitable transport from Dublin to Wicklow and back again

Scs – Betting Sites

The Biggest Irish Sports Events Of The Calendar

Sports is a massive part of Irish culture, so as you would expect there are many different sports events that you can enjoy here year round. Here are some of the biggest Irish sports events in the year, and why you should check them out.

All Ireland Hurling Final

There are a few sports that are as Irish as hurling, and if you have not witnessed the sport before, attending the All Ireland finals is a must. Taking place in Croke Park, the event mixes together intense skill, as well as the huge support of the crowd rooting for their teams.

The championship begins in April and ends in July, offering lots of chances to take in this uniquely Irish sport, and see what makes it so exciting for its fans.

World Irish Dancing Championships

Irish dancing is a form of dance that requires a huge amount of skill and expertise, and getting to see live is a key experience in Ireland. The World Irish dancing championships bring in people from all over the world to take part in this sport, and compete for the title of the best dancer.

The championships do not always take place in Ireland, but commonly you will see the finals taking place in the birthplace of the sport. Typically, they will take place in March each year, so if you are visiting island at this time keep an eye out for this event.

Dublin City Marathon

For those who want to take part in a marathon, they should take a look at the Dublin City Marathon, which takes place in October yearly. It is one of the most popular events in Ireland, where hundreds of people will be competing to beat their personal best or even come first in the competition.

You will also see many raising money for charity by taking part in the marathon, so a lot of the competition is for good causes as well.

Galway Races

Horse racing is potentially the most popular sport in Ireland, bringing in thousands of competitors, spectators, and punters who are looking to place bets on the outcomes of the races. While there are several different racing meets on the Irish calendar, the most popular one is the Galway Races.

Beginning in July each year and continuing for a full week, the races now bring in 150,000 people per year. Competitors from all over the world will come to compete at the races too, and make a name for themselves. The event has a full party atmosphere, with spectators making their way into Galway to carry on partying when the races are over.

FAI Cup Final

Football is another hugely popular Irish sport, and if you are looking to enjoy it while you’re in the country, then you should look at attending the FAI Cup Final. This is the most popular football events in the year in Ireland, and pits islands best football teams against each other for the cup. Having been held for over a hundred years, it is a competition with a long and storied history.

The cup final will typically take place in November, with tickets going fast to spectate. If you plan to attend, you will need to grab those tickets as quickly as possible.

Irish PGA Championship

Is golf more your thing? If so, Ireland has you covered. They have multiple award-winning golf courses, giving you an excellent golfing experience when you visit.

If you are looking to take in some professional golf while you’re here, then you need to check out the Irish PGA Championship. You will also see it referred to as the Irish Professional Close, or National Championship. Competition has been running since 1907, making it the oldest competition in the country as well. You will see events being held at different golf courses across the country, making it a tour of some of the best courses they have to offer.

These are just a handful of some of the best sporting events of the Irish calendar. It’s clear the country has a huge respect for sports, with so many different events available to residents and tourists alike. If you are planning a visit, see if you can attend any of these events while you are here.

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